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How Young Professionals Shift from Uber Eats to the Healthier Option of Meal Prep Chefs

No doubt, Uber Eats is quite a successful venture. First launched in Toronto, Canada, the service is now available in over 200 cities around the world. The idea is simple; download the Uber Eats app to your mobile device, browse to see the surrounding restaurants, and place an order from a restaurant of your choice. In no time, someone will deliver your food at your specified location.

With Uber Eats, employees no longer have to travel down the street to have lunch. Some get their dinner delivered at home when they’re too busy or too tired to cook. The problem with relying on Uber Eats is that it gradually becomes a habit and slowly eliminates the need to cook at home. From another perspective, Uber Eats has only fastened the delivery of fast foods.

In a time when health activists continue to push the need for healthy diets, it’s quite worrying if getting restaurant-made fast foods quicker to consumers conforms to the particular need. Uber itself, in a move to get more people to use the service, gives free food for Uber Eats beginners plus other promos. They’ve literally caused a feeding frenzy and some consumers are happy to take advantage of Uber Eats gifts.

However, some young health-conscious professionals are now shifting from Uber Eats to the option of personal chefs for the obvious reasons. Uber Eats mission says, “Make eating well effortless at any time, for anyone.” This clearly does not address the need for healthy eating, which means it’s up to the consumer to watch their eating habits.

Why the shift?

Professionals are busy individuals with tight working schedules; the likes of dentists, lawyers, teachers, technicians, actors, mechanics, consultants, firefighters, designers, dietitians, and more.

The question is, are these people going to depend on Uber-delivered foods for the rest of their working days?

It doesn’t make sense, which is why some busy individuals are now considering the services of a personal chef. Uber Eats can get you restaurant-food anytime but a personal chef can provide healthy, delicious meals for you to enjoy at your convenience. Here are reasons why professionals are going the personal chef route:

A personal chef makes custom-made meals

Unlike just browsing through various restaurants menus, a personal chef tailor makes food according to your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you have a special diet or you’re allergic to some foods, a personal chef will put everything into consideration so as to prepare dishes that conform to your lifestyle.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Personal chefs can really help in creating custom meal plans for individuals and families. The biggest advantage that professionals can get with a personal chef is saving the burden and the time needed to prepare a decent meal.

Need for quality dishes

The quality of restaurant-food itself is questionable. You can never be sure of the ingredients used in making the food, but preservatives, trans-fats, and sodium are usually involved. Foods such as burgers are said to come from various parts of pork plus the unwanted part of the meat.

A couple in Toronto once received a half-eaten, mold-infested sandwich after they had ordered a pizza via Uber Eats.

With a personal chef, you can never go wrong because you will always know the ingredients and how the food is cooked. The chef makes everything clear, from the groceries to an itemized bill so you know exactly the things you are paying for and where they are coming from. Besides, professional chefs are full of ideas on how to improve your meals and bring new flavors into the mix.

Need to enjoy family dinner time

When it comes to quality time, nothing beats the dining table experience. Indeed, busy lifestyles have shortened or rather taken away family dining experience. Parents come home late and too tired to cook, while teenagers prefer to go out and eat with friends then come home full.

A personal chef can help rejuvenate quality family time. The chef prepares and leaves ready-to-eat food for everyone to come home and enjoy. You simply need to let your personal chef know your ideal dinner time and they will plan ahead.

Create good eating habits in kids

It’s hard to beat the convenience of Uber Eats. But, getting your kids used to this kind of delivery could create bad, unhealthy eating habits in them.

Consider this, we condemn taking your kids to fast food chains more often but with Uber Eats, you are just bringing fast foods to them. If your kids adapt to Uber Eats, they will probably never learn how to cook.

With a personal chef at home, they can grow up knowing that it takes an effort to prepare food.