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Want Your Own Private Chef?

But there’s always been something holding you back

Finding the talent
High monthly salary
Chefs quickly move on
You don’t entertain enough

ChefDine’s Private Chef Experience service tackles all these setbacks and allows you to enjoy the benefits of your very own Chef when you need them.

We Will Get To Know How You Eat To Put On A Party You’ll Want To Be At

Meal Prep
Meal Prep

Creative, Healthy & Tasty

Get your meal prep delivered twice per week to ensure the freshest dishes.

Dinner Parties
Dinner Parties

Designed For You

We write the menus around your tasted and vision for the party.

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Boutique Events
Boutique events

Throw A Party Everyone Will Remember

For larger social gatherings enjoy canapés and bowl foods.

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Book Your Date

Lock in your important dates.

Invite friends

Or use for business.

Enjoy Custom Meal Prep

Enjoy The Party

Be the host, not the cook.

What's Different about PCX?

Customised meals and off menu ordering
Planned menus to match your vision of the party.
Use in the home, office or just have us put a hamper together.
Massive saving over full time employees

What Your Private Chef Experience Includes.

Chef Jaime does all the cooks personally. With over 20 years experience in Professional kitchens you’re in good hands.
We cook family style so each dish is 46 portions.
When we cook we are cooking for the individual client so we can cook for any diet.
You will be provided with a login to your personal account where you can order everything in just a few clicks.
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