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10 Foods To Power You Through The Day

10 Foods To Power You Through The Day

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Curb Your Afternoon Coffee

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In Melbourne, coffee and oxygen are pretty similar. We need that morning cup to jolt us awake and the arvo kick of caffeine to get us through the day. The thing is, in as much as we love coffee, too much of it is not so good. It provides a jolt of energy for a while then we start craving for another cup.

Energy giving foods sets the pace for the day. Of course, you can settle for a coffee and a bagel or croissant. Problem is that the energy boost you feel won’t last long. What you put in your engine will determine the miles that you will run.

In the list below you will find alternatives to the afternoon coffee. Some are simple snacks to have on the go while others are excellent choices for lunchtime meals. Whatever you choose, these foods will provide your body with the much-needed energy to power you through your day.


Now before you roll your eyes at this option, stop for a minute. Oats are unbelievably delicious especially if made the right way. This is a perfect source of valuable minerals and vitamins. Oatmeal’s high fiber content makes it such a fulfilling meal that provides lasting energy.

Most people don’t like the bland taste, but there are a few things you can do to spice things up. You can add dried fruits, nuts /nut butter, spices, Greek yoghurt, chocolate chip cookies among others.


Whether boiled, scrambled, baked or poached, eggs can help you sustain your mental and physical energy throughout the day. In fact, there are a million things that you can make with eggs, from a soufflé to a simple omelet.

Eggs have no season, you can have them from breakfast, lunch or dinner. These tiny creations provide you with high protein sources, vitamins like B6/b12 and minerals that include zinc and copper. Remember not to consume a large amount of eggs daily.


Yes, salmon is a good source of energy. This type of fish can be eaten in sandwiches, salads, as a main course or as an appetizer. The niacin, omega3 fatty acids and B16 help convert food into energy. Those who are fish fans can seek this delicious fish and incorporate it in their meals. It doesn’t have to be every day; you can switch the days in-between. Top a little spinach and have a quick snack during lunch.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are among our most favorable tubers. It provides energy but is not concentrated in high calories. They are sweet on the palette and have a high content of vitamin A and C which are great at fighting fatigue. Most people find it awkward tackling a whole tuber so what to do? You can make sweet potatoes fries, sweet potato pie, sweet potato bread among other delicious recipes. The secret is to find the right recipe.


They come in their varied sizes and colors and offer satiety and energy. They are great at balancing your sugar levels thus ensuring that your energy stays up there. It has soluble fiber that effectively elongates digestion time. With this comes that full-feeling. You can pair your beans with your favorite carbohydrate and have a go at it.

Leafy Vegetables

We all know that green leafy vegetables are good for us. The challenge comes in on how to incorporate vegetables into your daily meals. There are many kinds of vegetables that are delicious like the superfood kale, spinach, pumpkin leaves, lettuce, cabbage and others.  soups and salads are a great way to incorporate vegies into your meal.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a good option for those who need to manage their sugar levels. The dietary fibers are essential in prolonging the digestion process. Thus all the important nutrients can be absorbed by the body. Not to mention that it will ward off hunger and fatigue. Brown rice doesn’t have to be boring. You can have delicious rice crispy treats or pair it off with your favorite protein.


Whether it is a watermelon or a golden honeydew melon, you have to have it. Melons are made up of mostly water and also contain natural fruit sugars. The water will keep you feeling hydrated and fresh while the sugar raises your energy levels. Depending on the type of melons available to you make a smoothie or just toss it up in a salad.


Quinoa is fast to cook and taste great if paired with other foods. This high protein food is broken down by the body to provide energy and integral mass building. Quinoa is not limited to specific pairings. You can look at a multitude of recipes and find the best pairing for your palette. You find that most people love it salad form or by itself paired with lamb or some other delicious meat. Since it is a protein be sure to mix it up with other food groups for a balanced diet.

Berries and Nuts

In this area, you are not limited. You can mix your favorite berries and nuts and form a trail mix. This mix can be carried around with you in a tiny tin or lunch bag. Whenever you feel that coffee urge kicking in, dig into your trail mix and give it a go. Walnuts, almonds, strawberries, blueberries are always nice to include.

In Conclusion

Getting your energy to be constant the whole day will need some discipline. It will also need mouthwatering recipes to keep your taste buds wanting more. That shouldn’t worry you. There are millions of recipes available or just have Chef Dine cook up some for you.  What are you waiting for? Plan a healthy menu for all the days of the week. Your energy levels will be as high as a kite.

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