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An Easy Soup To Make

An Easy Soup to Make

As far as cooking goes it doesn’t get much easier than making soups. This recipe is no exception and is in fact easier than most as it only contains one ingredient, and that is broccoli. This soup only uses itself as an ingredient so theres no sweating down other vegetables. It just contains broccoli, the water it is cooked in and salt. This gives it a wonderful vibrant green and a distinctive broccoli flavour.

An easy soup to make when you are short on time. Just boil up your broccoli, adjust your seasoning and blend. It’s that easy! You can also make it that extra bit special with some toasted walnuts or how I made it in this video was with goats cheese and truffle oil. Just by adding these 2 ingredients turns it from your mug of soup to a dinner party worthy starter.




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