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The Benefits of Meal Prep for Busy Mums

Here at ChefDine, we tend to cook for busy people, and they don’t come much busier than mums! As I wrote this article, I had to constantly avoid the phrase ‘the average mum’ – because, to me, there’s no such thing! If you’re a mum, you’ve got so much on your plate every day, but making sure something delicious and healthy ends up on your family’s plates every meal isn’t something you have to do alone!

Here are some of the benefits that some of the mums we cook for have enjoyed with our professional meal prep service:

Save Time

First and foremost, by having your meals cooked for you, you’ll save time. You’ll no longer have to gear yourself up for food shopping, prepping all the different ingredients, cooking meals, and then clearing up afterwards. All of that will be done for you.

I mean, let’s just take one part of the process I described above – food shopping. For a busy mum, that means sorting the kids out to leave the house, driving to the supermarket, parking, actually doing the shopping, queuing up, packing it all up in the car, driving home, and then packing it all away. Sometimes, you’ll receive a small mercy and perhaps someone who works at the supermarket will help out with one or two parts of the process, such as packing. But what if someone were to help you out with it all? What if everything was done for you and a variety of meals were just waiting for you in your fridge instead?

That’s what we do for our clients.

You can then spend the time you’ve saved with your family, on a project around the house that you’ve put off for the longest time, or just to get an extra minute to yourself.

Save Energy

Right alongside the time you’ll save is the energy you’ll be able to conserve. Cooking can take a lot of effort at the best times, and that’s without having to keep an eye on your children while you’re doing it!

With us cooking for you, you’ll have a little more slack in your day; a little more space to breathe. One of the most important, and potentially energy consuming, parts of your day is dealt with. You can put that energy towards something a little more meaningful, or just enjoy getting to the end of each day with a little more gas in the tank than you usually do.

Reduce Waste

As I pointed out in a previous post, the average Australian family wastes $4000 a year on food. The majority of this wastage comes from buying ingredients and not eating them before they spoil. With a meal prep service, on the other hand, your wastage will be eliminated.

We do all your shopping for you, based on your needs and wants,  so every ingredient purchased has a purpose. They’ll be no more buying an ingredient with the hopes of finding something to do with it, we’ll know what we’re doing with it beforehand.

Eat Better

A professional meal prep service allows you to regularly eat meals which are both delicious and healthy.

For a start, you’ll be having your meals cooked by professionally trained chefs, so they’re going to be good. So many of the mums we cook for are so appreciative of having something flavoursome in the fridge on a particularly trying day. I’m sure you’d agree, there’s something about eating something tasty that has the ability to instantly lift your mood.

What’s more, with a menu of over 150 dishes to choose from, you’ll always have something new to try and won’t get stuck in a loop of constantly eating the same tried and tested dishes. Now, not only is this great for you, as you get to enjoy the novelty of eating a variety of food, it’s also great for your kids too! They’ll get to try a larger range of food than they normally would and will discover some favourites along the way. They’re also way likely to be more comfortable trying new food for the rest of their lives, which is sure to come in handy and save you hassle in the future!

Our chefs will also make sure each meal is healthy and contains a wide variety of nutrients. Each meal will contain suitable amounts of your macros like protein, carbs, and fat, as well as adequate amounts of vitamin and minerals. As a result, your entire family will have more energy, be at less of risk of gaining weight or developing diabetes, and be better to keep pesky bugs at bay thanks to a better immune system.

Take Care of All Your Family’s Needs

Have you ever had to walk the tightrope of cooking a meal that will satisfy the needs and wants of everyone in your family? Where you can’t cook vegetable A because one of your children isn’t fond of it, but you can’t replace it with vegetable B or C because the other doesn’t like it. Or where one of your children, or partner, has an allergy.

Or where one of your kids just decides, one day, out of the blue, that they no longer eat something that they were perfectly fine with the day before?

If you can relate to any of that, the days of nearly pulling your hair out over it are through. With our meal prep service, we can cook meals that take care of all your family’s needs, or different meals if necessary. Is one of your kids particularly fussy (as I was as a child…)? We’ll fix them something they’ll like. Are you looking to eat in a certain way to lose weight but don’t want it to influence your family’s meals? We can make you something special, no worries.