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Professional Meal Prep Vs Meal Kit Delivery

Professional Meal Prep Vs Meal Kit Delivery

Here at ChefDine, we’ve come to discover that a good proportion of our clients had tried out a meal kit delivery service before coming to us for meal prep. I mean, this makes complete sense: Our clients are busy people and felt that meal kits would save them time and ensure they eat healthier meals. However, the reality turned out to be a little different.

As one of our main goals is to save you time, I’m going to attempt to save you some upfront by comparing the benefits of our food prep service with meal kits.

Save Time and Energy

People that subscribe to meal kit services have the best intentions, but the fact remains that you still need to turn the ingredients delivered to you into meals. This takes both time and energy – something that busy people, like professionals and parents, have in short supply. The prospect of cooking a tasty, healthy meal from fresh, healthy ingredients is exciting at first. Until that is, you’re faced with the fact you still have to prep said ingredients, cook a series of meals from them, and then clean up afterwards. After a hard day at work, or if you have kids that constantly demand your attention, going through that process isn’t so appealing.

In contrast, a professional meal prep service does all this for you. You choose the meals that are most appealing and they’re cooked right there in your kitchen. All the shopping, prep, cooking, and cleanup is done for you. As long as you can open the fridge, where your meals will be waiting for you, you’re golden.

Instead, you can spend your time with your family, do something you enjoy, or just kick back and relax.

No Waste

Did you know that the average Australian household wastes $3,800 worth of food every year? If you find that you don’t have the time or desire to use the ingredients in your meal kit, then it’s simply contributing to that figure.

With a chef preparing your meals, there’s no waste. Everything we buy goes into your meal. You’ll be saving money and as that food won’t end up in a landfill somewhere, you’ll be doing the environment a solid as well.

You Get Professionally Cooked Meals

With a meal prep service, a professional chef cooks your meals. He or she knows exactly how to get the best out of each ingredient and which combinations come together to create the tastiest dishes. You’re guaranteed to be served fresh, healthy, delicious meals according to your specific preferences each and every time.

Increased Variety

Unless you’re a great cook, chances are you’re going to fall back on tried and tested recipes that you know you can cook well. This is especially the case if you’re busy, as who wants to test out a new recipe when they’re tired and hungry? With a meal prep service, you’re suddenly granted access to a whole new world of food. Here at ChefDine, we have a menu of over 150 meals. To put that in perspective, you could try a new dish every day for 5 months – if you were so inclined.

More importantly, a greater variety of food leads to a wider range of nutrients. If you’re constantly consuming different whole foods, such as meat, fish, grains, fruit , and veg, you’re going to ingesting different a larger array of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. You are far less likely to be deficient in any particular nutrient with this approach.

Peace of Mind

One of the most intangible benefits of a professional meal prep service is the peace of mind that it provides.

You needn’t have to worry about grabbing something nutritious in a rush during your lunch break – you’ll already have it with you. You won’t have to think about what you’re going to eat that evening on the commute – it’s already at home waiting for you. You won’t have to think about preparing something healthy and delicious for your family after a day rushing about – we’ve got you covered.

Food, for better or worse, is something we have to constantly consider. Taking advantage of a meal prep service like ChefDine gives you one less thing to worry about, which is priceless if your life is hectic.