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Chef To Prepare My Weekly Meals

Chef To Prepare My Weekly Meals

Eating well is the key to a healthy life and the busier we become the harder we find to do this. Every week, we spend an average of 10 hours cooking our meals. That’s without even counting the time it takes to go to the store or plan your shopping. Preparing healthy and exciting meals is a time consuming task, and one that so many people struggle with. Some have to prepare multiple different meals for their kids so when it comes to their own meal they simply don’t have the time or energy. One that seems so common is after a busy day we would rather grab a take away or drop in somewhere for a bite on the way home. And, lets face it, restaurant food isn’t a healthy option and made with its nutritional value in mind.


We cook for a lot of Mums that are worried their children aren’t getting the proper nutritional intake needed for a developing body, and more often than not this process begins before birth and throughout breastfeeding. Our mums feel our service not only saves them time during the day, allows them to eat better but also to loose post pregnancy weight making them feel amazing without even cooking or the worry of what’s in it.


ChefDine provides you with your own chef at home that will prepare healthy, balanced and tasty meals with hand picked ingredients that are ready to eat when you need them. Our Chefs freshly prepare all your dishes from scratch and are ideal for healthy lunch options to take to the office or have in the fridge at home for the family. If you’re following a strict dietin training or have food allergies or intolerances, we can adapt any of the dishes to suit your needs or a family members.


Fresh meals, cooked in your kitchen, where you know what’s in them and from the fridge to the table within minutes and without even going to the store.

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