What You'll

More Time

Save up to 12 hours each week without grocery shopping, preparing, cooking, cleaning or even thinking about your meals.

Healthy Meals

This is the easiest way to get  healthy, balanced, nutritious meals on the table within minutes at the end of a busy day.


Have your meals cooked in your home, pick up from our commercial kitchen or delivered directly to your fridge.

Creative Choices

With over 150 dishes to choose from you’ll always have creative and exciting meals that can be ordered in just a few minutes.


Speak to the chef directly so we understand your goals and dietary requirements. Order online in just a few minutes.

We shop, prepare and cook your meals.
In your home or our commercial kitchen.

Have your meals delivered or pick up from our Port Melbourne location.


1to1 with you meal prep chef


We cook specifically for you! So we can cook for any diet!

Simple ordering in minutes

The Choice

We have the biggest selection of dishes that you can put together to suit you.



Nothing’s hidden, in our food or our pricing.


What Makes ChefDine So Different?

The ChefDine service is revolutionary as it not only gives you and easy way to stay on top of your meals, but in the way we do it we guarantee to free up every minute possible. Hundreds or busy parents and professionals have saved countless hours and easily managed to stay on a healthy diet.

But, how can you know if it will work for you? The answer is to do one of our off the cuff cooks and feel how much better and easier life gets.

We know it’s hard to stay healthy, hitting the gym, planning your meals, shopping the produce & eventually cook your meals. And all of this before even cleaning up. While we can’t go to the gym for you we can make everything else super easy.

Our Head Chef & founder is Jaime Imbusch. Jaime has been in professional kitchens for more that 20 years and worked alongside some of the industries greats like Gordon Ramsay & Marcus Wareing. He’s also been the private Chef to Saudi & Brunei Royals  which is where the ChefDine concept originated.

Jaime created ChefDine to help improve lives. Get people to eat well without sacrificing on flavour and enjoy having more time in their daily lives. These 2 things combined lead to a better quality of life that everyone deserves.

Jump on to our contact form today and have a free, no obligation chat with Chef Jaime and see how best the service can work for you.