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What We Offer!

Private Chef Experience on Demand

Without The Commitment

Our Private Chef Experience (PCX) provides all the benefits of a full time Chef.


We provide you with your weekly meals, all custom made from market produce and also a Chef to cook in-home when you are entertaining.

In-home events may include dinner parties, boutique events and barbecues taking the stress out of entertaining and hosting a party or business event.

Weekly Meals
Meal Prep

Creative, Healthy & Tasty

Get your weekly meals delivered regularly to ensure the freshest dishes.

Dinner Parties
Dinner Parties

Designed For You

We write the menus around your tastes and guests so we can create a menu all your guests will love.

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Boutique Events
Boutique events

Throw A Party Everyone Will Remember

For larger social gatherings enjoy canap├ęs and bowl foods.


Quality Fresh Home Cooking

Have meals delivered Monday & Thursday so you always have quality produce and fresh meals ready in the fridge.

As your private chef we know how and what you like to eat so there’s no need to order (unless you want to). We will put together meals to suit your diet and personal tastes just like a in-home Chef.

Entertain In Style

Having friends over?

Have Chef Jaime in the kitchen or manning the barbecue to take care of it all. We can decide on the menu together and create an event bespoke for you and your guests.


Meals Delivered

Have meals delivered twice a week to keep your fridge stocked with healthy meals.
This saves you the time of planning, shopping and cooking your meals, plus there’s hardly any clean-up.

Effortless Entertaining

Confirm the dates you would like to entertain at home and lock them in ahead of time or use your in-house cooks as you go.

Never Plan Meals Again

We take all the think work out of meal times and entertaining.

All you need to do is let Chef Jaime your idea or requirement and we can develop it from there.

I’ve just started using the service and already know it’s one of the smartest food decisions I’ve made.


It’s like the food fairy has been.


I’ve been looking for something like this for so long! My partner and I both run our own businesses and are often too busy / tired to cook and had been relying on meal delivery services for so long but the food is so rich, often unhealthy and I cannot stand the plastic waste. Now we have healthy, delicious home cooked meals ready for the home and office and we’re actually saving money. Couldn’t be happier!

North Fitzroy

Who Is PCX For?

Private Chef Experience is for time poor professionals
Where quality produce is of the highest importance
Who are regular entertainers for home or business
Or require a private chef without the in-home commitment
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No Sales Pitch
Just Find Out If It's Right For You.