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August 2, 2019
May 14, 2019
In a sauce pan over medium-low heat add in coconut creme and bring to a simmer. Not the the boil as this will be too hot when added to the eggs. Add the sugar/honey and vanilla to the coconut milk. In a mixing bowl whisk up the 2 egg yolks.  Take a couple of tablespoons […]
March 22, 2019
While you’re no doubt familiar with some of the diets we cater for here at ChefDine, such as the Keto or Paleo Diet, perhaps you know a little less about another emerging dietary trend: low FODMAP diets. This post will go over what FODMAPs are, where they’re found and how they might affect you. What […]
February 23, 2019
Here at ChefDine, we tend to cook for busy people, and they don’t come much busier than mums! As I wrote this article, I had to constantly avoid the phrase ‘the average mum’ – because, to me, there’s no such thing! If you’re a mum, you’ve got so much on your plate every day, but […]