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Are you looking to save time and eat healthier, flavour packed meals the whole family will love?

Then step forward, this is a fool proof way to hack time, avoid the stores, eat well and feel healthier.

We’re not your average Meal Prep Service


We don’t have set menus or cook in bulk!


We use market fresh produce and cook for you specifically. Allowing us to fully customise every dish to your taste and diet.

I’ve just started using the service and already know it’s one of the smartest food decisions I’ve made.


It’s like the food fairy has been.


I’ve been looking for something like this for so long! My partner and I both run our own businesses and are often too busy / tired to cook and had been relying on meal delivery services for so long but the food is so rich, often unhealthy and I cannot stand the plastic waste. Now we have healthy, delicious home cooked meals ready for the home and office and we’re actually saving money. Couldn’t be happier!


We’ve been using ChefDine for over a year and it’s been a godsend for two working parents with a two year old and another on the way. The food is always delicious and Jaime is a pleasure to deal with … he’s happy to accommodate preferences which is fantastic for my fussy wife! Highly recommend this service to everyone.


The food is delicious and loved by everyone in the family including the children. Jamie uses quality ingredients and is a fantastic cook. It is very important to me that we eat tasty, healthy, home cooked meals and Jamie’s food definitely meets those requirements.


“Jaime’s meals are delicious and varied – my two boys are always thrilled when it’s a “Jaime week” and love to feast on curries, quesadillas, and broccoli with nuts. I love it when Jaime’s been, too – a fridge full of freshly cooked meals and a totally tidy kitchen. Amazing!”

Chela N

Choose your meals & add sides.


Customise them to suit your needs.


Receive your contactless delivery of freshly prepared meals.

Put together a taster pack to get started

Select 2 or more dishes to set yourself up for a cook free week.

Each Dish Contains a 4-6 Portions and Made To Order using the very best produce available.

Let Chef Jaime know any dietary requirements by filling out the form on the order confirmation page.

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