September 11, 2017
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In most cases one of the key reasons of my clients using the service of a personal chef is because they lead busy lives and are too short on time to cook. Working long hours they find it hard to plan, shop and cook healthy meals as on average we spend 12 hours doing this each week. When we’re so short on time it’s difficult to prepare healthy meals which is vital for our growing children. So we’re hired to take the load off and so that your children are getting the nutrition they need for a healthy and balanced childhood.


We also cook for women beginning their journey to motherhood. We offer fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding menus which are approved by our nutritionist Tasha Jennings N.D, giving you peace of mind that you doing doing the best you can be.


Rarely are we thinking of the ones who were looking after us all those years ago. As like our children it’s equally important for our parents to keep a healthy diet. We find more and more elderly are not looking after themselves the way they should with lack of exercise and a poor diet. A lot of the time it’s a vicious circle where our parents don’t have the energy to shop and cook proper healthy meals for themselves. This lowers their strength and energy levels as well as not allowing the immune system to kick in when it’s most needed opening them up to bugs and viruses. A personal chef makes sure all the food shopping is taken care of and leaves healthy, nutritious meals stacked and ready in the fridge.

Chef Dine provide a chef service so you are able to outsource cooking for them. We offer a wide range of dishes to suit all palettes and everything is cooked freshly by your personal chef so we can cater to all food allergies and intolerances.

If you have a family member that struggles to keep a healthy diet, then it’s time to get them on track by eating well with a range of dishes from all the food groups, and the best part is, our meals taste great and take minutes from the fridge to the table saving you hours each week.

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