September 11, 2017
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Are you short on time? Weekly meal prep and cooking could be the anwser!

Your weekly meal prep on average takes 10-12 hours. It’s a time consuming job and if you have to prepare baby foods its going to take you even longer. Chef Dine provide a chef service that not only eliminates the time cooking but also the time spent traveling to the shops to get your supplies and most of the cleaning.

Imagine that! Coming home to a fully stocked fridge with healthy, nutritious meals that have been prepared to your dietary requirement and that can be on the table within minutes with hardly any clean up.

This means, no more shopping lists need to be written, we do that also. All you need to do is select the dishes you want and our ordering system sends the order directly to the chef.

The service is also great for teenagers, they are able to prepare their meals when they need them while still getting the nutritional value they need. Gone are the days of study breaks when all you have is packet Ramen!

We have a list of suggestions that we can cook for you and also adapt to your families dietary requirements. Whether you are vegetarian or vegan to allergic or intolerant we provide you with a service that is unique to you.

Hiring a personal chef is no longer a luxury to the wealthy but a lifestyle enhancement that is available to us all.

Do you know someone in need of this service? A friend that just had a baby or a busy professional.

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