May 20, 2018
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Portion control is more than always going for the smaller plate. Of course, if you are trying to lose weight, the minimalist approach will often work. However, the main reason why we’re doing this article is that we realized one big mistake that meal prep enthusiasts are making – not prepping foods in the right portions.

When that happens, you end up either overeating or not eating the right portions of carbs, proteins and vitamins. Many people eat whatever comes in their plates until they feel stuffed. Studies have indicated that larger portions contain more calories and that can make you gain weight quicker than you can imagine. Doing small can still leave you wanting thus increasing your chances of grabbing some quickie foods on the road.

Here’s the thing, we are not suggesting that you starve yourself, neither are we saying you should eat as much as you can. But, eating the right amount of food is the first step to healthy eating. If you are struggling to create the right balance in the amount of food that you cook and eat, below are some important tips that might be helpful:

Portion control tips

Measure ingredients

Most people are very poor at measuring the ingredients for their meals. One cup in a recipe easily becomes 2 when you start preparing the food. This can be quite tough when preparing rice or pasta as opposed to foods such as chicken, which calls for one or two chicken breasts.

To make sure that you always get it right, some measuring cups and weight scales will come in handy. That way, if a recipe says 1/2 cup, then you use precisely 1/2 cup.

Single serving packages

Temptations are everywhere when it comes to food. You can decide to compound your discipline by selecting recipes and food packages aimed for one person to eat. These will make matters easier for those who are tempted to eat several food potions at once.

Many people go to see a nutritionist to change their eating habits. One of the ways recommended is always to measure your portion sizes before making the food. Get a sizeable food scale to ensure that you are eating as recommended by your meal plan. Pack them into single serving dishes and just grab them from the fridge when it’s time to eat.

Invest in portion control plates

Some of us just have a keen eye and can measure out the amount of food that is consumed. Some of us, however, need a bit of help. Measured and portioned plates are available in the market that will help anyone achieve their portion control goal.

These plates and cups are affordable and you can find them in various colours and designs. Usually smaller than the average plates and cups, you will find them a great help when you are trying to keep the weight off.

Eat more greens

This song has been sung by many doctors, nutritionists and alternative medicine gurus of alternative medicine for years now. You can never have enough greens! Greens are good for you and can help you maintain a well-functioning digestive system.

Yes, we know that many people find vegetables uninteresting but there are so many recipes out there for use. Vegetables are packed in flavour and nutrients. Not to mention there is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to select from.

If done the right way, your taste buds won’t be getting bored soon and the calories can be kept at bay! Isn’t that wonderful?

Understand food labels

When you understand the information provided by the food packages you buy, the better for you. Understanding sodium and sugar levels will help you keep insulin and water levels in the body at normal levels.

Many products always have serving sizes denoted and the number of nutrients and calories to be expected. Whether processed foods or packed vegetables, always look for the nutritional information.

Make ideal snacking

We are guilty of snacking in between meals. For people struggling with portion sizes snacking has to be a calculated affair. First, we know that snacking on high sodium or high sugar foods is not allowed. They tend to trick the body into eating more and more.

There are recommended foods that you can have such as fruits and nuts but be sure to follow the guidelines for how much to take. If it 50gms of raisings, measure exactly that and pack into single serving dishes.

It is a good way to train your train your mind to be satiated.

Top 3 portion control benefits

They say nothing good comes easy and we concur. Those who stick to their portion control routine will enjoy both physical and mental benefits. Some of these benefits are:

Shed the Pounds

Sometimes we can get a bit off the health train and get a bit heavy. Portion control is perfect for shedding unwanted weight. With the right selection of food and having the right measurements, you can cut down on the number of unneeded calories consumed.

Slowly but surely portion control will integrate itself into your life. You will be able to maintain the right weight without noticeable fluctuations.

Proper body functioning

The simple fact that your system is not constantly trying to digest food is already energy saved. Your digestive system will get all the vitamins and bodybuilding nutrients without needing to binge eat. You will experience less bloating and other digestive tract problems that come with being full all the time.

With proper portion control, one will be able to enjoy stable insulin levels in the body. With lower sodium intake, the body is properly hydrated, the kidneys function well and the cardiovascular system remains strong.

Satiated and energized

Eating healthy comes with a new re-energized feeling as your system feels lighter. The body gets all the nutrients it needs and over time your stomach shrinks. This shrinking is important for maintaining healthy satiety levels and a balanced digestive system. The fuller you feel the less likely you will add more food to your plate.

To sum up, changing how you eat changes you both mentally and physically. Portion control is a good way to keep a wild appetite within its reigns. You are the master and your appetite is the servant. Keep it in check.

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