May 4, 2018
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Bored? Uninspired? You are not the only one.

It’s no doubt that meal prep is the best trend to healthy eating today. Many people from all around the world are not only practicing but also talking meal prep, with #MealPrepSunday being the major keyword on Instagram.

But, as it’s the fate of every new invention, meal prep is now facing a challenge. Some part of the meal prep population is now complaining about eating the same thing over and over, leading to ennui.

Prepping meals for a whole week is definitely a time-saving idea but it can get boring if you allow it to.

Here are the 12 tips to avoid meal prep boredom:

Try something new each week

The meal plan you created when starting your meal prep doesn’t have to last forever. Of course, you have your main classics that make up your Taco Tuesdays, Pasta Thursdays and Fish Fridays. Try a new recipe with your go-to foods week in, week out.

There are hundreds of beef recipes out there as well as chicken, fish, lamb or pork. The good thing is that they are easier to cook than what it may seem. All you need are the ingredients and directions.

Yes! You can make restaurant-quality chicken curry with coriander at home. Another day you can try Cajun chicken with rice. It’s all about making your favorite food with a different flavor. Substitute cream with evaporated milk or butter for avocado.

Have you checked our recipe book to see the options you have on the table? There are over 20 recipes in there. By the time you gt to the last one, you would’ve have missed the ones you started with. If you don’t trust your spirit of adventure, professional chefs like me are here for consultation.

Make the most out of spices

Simply because you are meal prepping does not mean that your foods have to be mild-tasting. Many people, especially those who meal prep for weight loss have the perception that their foods have to be plain. How can you not get bored if you are only eating green salad and broiled chicken? Add a little glim and glam.

Switch up your proteins

We usually think that chicken, beef and fish are the only meats we can have. The same goes for common legumes like beans and peas. However, more often than not, we tend to neglect some proteins that would go a long way in making our meals better. Try seafood, super-food proteins among others. We come up with different foods with different ways of helping us in our bodies. Give them a shot.

Change your fruits and veggies routine

People think that having your favourite veggies and fruits will ensure that the meal prep experience is worth it. However, after a week or two, you hit a food slump and it is nearly impossible to have the same without it tasting bland. Try mixing up your veggies, make a fruit platter, create fruit jams and ensure you come up with recipes after a while.

Stash some servings in your freezer for rotation

Whenever you make your meals for the week, you can have the same crockpot stew for the entire week. Instead, you can cook a bit more chowder; chilli; anything you think will go a long way in ensuring that your meals taste better and stash them in the freezer for another week.

Plan your sides like you do with your main dishes

People often ignore the side dishes whenever they make their meal preps. What is easily ignored is the fact that side dishes can go a really long way in ensuring that you have a different taste on your palate occasionally. If you plan your dishes, you won’t end up stuck with rice and chicken every single time.

Ask for ideas from others

Individuals have their own methods of cooking things. Some recipes are passed down from generation to generation and they contain special ways of making their food pop. If you ask around, it´s likely you will not get different and exciting methods of making your favourite type of chicken dish. Give it a shot. What are friends for?

Add sauces and dressings to your meals

What would the salad be without dressing? What would tacos be without salsa? Disapprovingly normal right? So why torture yourself like that? Make a guacamole dip for your tortilla chips, add some homemade spicy sauce to your stew. A little sauce will go a long way to awakening those dulling taste buds.

Eat a rainbow

From the phrase itself, you have to ensure your food has a little colour. Avoid the normal “blergh” reactions every time you open your dish for a meal. Add some lettuce, some red tomatoes, red and yellow bell peppers. Make your lunch look appetising!

Always use fresh veggies

Most of you think that refrigerating your veggies will make them last longer. This goes well for things like lettuce to maintain the crunch. But for some items such as tomatoes, keeping them refrigerated for long makes them lose their flavour. Instead, ensure you get some of the items that require the highest amount of freshness when needed. If not, have a reasonable amount in your freezer so as not to let it go to waste.

Prepare with a friend

For those who find cooking itself a task or they think they are just not that blessed in the culinary arts, meal prepping sounds like torture. Find a person to prepare your meals with, you not only get more insights to make your food better but you also get some great company and a few laughs while at it.

Try to avoid common cooking mistakes

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