Do you have specific goals for your health and fitness you’re determined to reach?
Do you need help calculating your macros for each meal?
Are you finding it tough to constantly find the time to constantly prepare healthy meals?
What’s more, do you find yourself making the same meals over and over?

Let ChefDine take care of these things for you.

If you want appetizing food that meets all your nutritional needs, then our macro-counted meals are just the thing you’re looking for. We will provide you with a professionally prepared meal plan that’s tailored to your particular body composition, daily routine, and objectives.

With our meal prep service, you’ll receive a regular supply of delicious, and varied, dishes. Each has been designed with the help of nutrition experts so it contains the optimal amount of lean protein, healthy fats, complex carbs, vitamins, and minerals for your specific needs. Our meals will leave you feeling full, clear-headed, and buzzing with energy!

Our meal plan is ideal for you if:

  • You’re following a specific diet plan, such as the Keto diet.
  • Are training intensively and want to take your results and performance to the next level.
  • You’re determined to achieve, and then blow past, your weight loss goals.

As well of the peace of mind you’ll enjoy knowing all your meals are balanced, you’ll enjoy tasty, correctly-portioned meals. Plus, you’ll be able to keep on top of your macros with ease. As a result, you’ll stay on track to smashing past your health, fitness, or weight loss goals.

Best of all, you’ll save hours of time and the significant effort that goes into preparation and creation of nutritionally balanced meals. We’ll do all the research, shopping, prep, calorie counting, calculating, cooking, and cleaning for you!

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Meal prep mistakes


$15.50 per meal

You have tried meal prepping to maximize on your efforts in the gym, but being time poor its hard to stay consistent and on top of your game. Planning, shopping, preparing, calculating and cooking is so time consuming you’ve been looking for someone to create great tasting meals for you.



Weekly cost dependent on individual order

You’re serious about your meal prep but struggle to stay on top of calculating your macros. Let ChefDine fit take care of it for you, giving you accurately portioned meals and piece of mind.