January 20, 2018
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How a Personal Chef can Help You Stick to Your Diet: Keeping to the New Year Resolution

Happy New Year 2018! So you’ve already made healthy eating a top priority in your New Year resolutions. Perhaps you’ve made a switch to plant-based diets or you want to focus on a paleo diet. Maybe you plan to start a family soon and your attention is on foods that improve fertility. Whichever diet resolution you’ve made, congratulations!

But, here’s how it usually goes; you lay down a diet plan, stick to it for the first few weeks, your life gets busy as days go, and you gradually start going amiss. Eventually, you say to hell with it and accept whatever comes your way.

We’ve heard these cases more than often. Truth is, it’s easy to make resolutions but difficult to stick to them.

With a personal chef, you can rest assured of achieving your diet goals hassle-free.

How so? You ask. Let’s get started.

Who is a personal chef?

A personal chef is a professional who tailor makes dishes to your tastes and dietary preferences. This professional chef can make your life easier by providing you with healthy meals, delicious meals for you to enjoy at your convenience.

Here’s how a personal chef can help you stick to your diet:

·      By making a realistic meal plan

It’s easy to find diet plans all over the websites or books, but the problem with such plans is that they aren’t based on your particular lifestyle. On the other hand, you can choose to write your own meal plan but again most people find it an overwhelming task, especially when it comes to navigating around a new diet.

With a personal chef, you will meet to discuss the foods that you and your family like and dislike, not forgetting taking into account your family’s varying tastes and preferences. Through this, the chef can come up with a reasonable menu that suits everyone in your family. Even if you have some specific meal requests, your personal chef will be in a position to accommodate them.

·      Reduce your cooking burden and help you save time

You work hard every day to provide for yourself and your loved ones. At the end of a long working day, you are less likely to come up with a creative meal that everyone will appreciate. With many different palates on the table, it can be tough to please everyone.

That won’t be a problem to a personal chef, though. Knowing what to cook for your family day in, day out is a personal chef’s specialty. Furthermore, you will never worry about getting home in time to prepare meals for your family. The chef will make everything and leave you to cheer up your taste buds.

Some personal chefs will cook from your home or others will prepare at their stations and bring you ready made food. This is a matter of preference depending on your lifestyle. However, if I find more rewarding if the chef can cook at your house because you’ll feel the ideal personal chef touch. Even if you can’t be at home always, the chef will do their job and leave you ready-to-warm food in your fridge.

And with cooking tasks off your shoulders, you will have more time to spend with your family and rather than in the kitchen. Take those 45 mins to 1 hour you spend preparing dinner each day and you have about 365 hours per year that you spend cooking average meals. If you eat at home always, include breakfast and lunch and this number goes over 500 hours and that’s without the visits to the store.

You can convert these hours into useful activities at the expense of a personal chef. In return, you enjoy restaurant-quality meals all year round and most importantly stick to your diet plan.

·      Manage your dietary restrictions

Is there someone in your family who’s allergic to some foods? Does your child hate spicy food? You want to go gluten-free? These issues are common and while you’ll worry about how to strike a balance in meal preparation, it would just be another day on the job for a personal chef. It is what they do. They’ve learnt to face all sorts of food challenges and known how to deal with complicated scenarios.

·      Suggest new ideas due to changing patterns

Let’s face it. You’re not going to stick to the diet plan you set in January through December. For instance, you may suffer some serious illness along the way and the doctor recommends a specific diet to help you recover. At this point, your personal chef will come in handy to help you maintain the particular diet so you can get back on track well.

Not just that, a personal chef is full of ideas that can spice up your eating patterns for quite a long period. The same food recipes now and then are definitely boring and most of the time you’ll find it a headache to sit down and write new recipes. That’s why having a personal chef is a nice idea.

Do you need a Personal Chef?

Most people tend to think that personal chefs are only for celebrities and rich individuals; wrong mentality.

At Chef Dine, we serve almost everyone:

Busy professionals can come home to healthy meals that will give them energy throughout a long working week.

Stay at home parents can get the support they need to solve the troubling puzzle, “what’s for dinner?”

New mums can relax and have an easy time with their little ones until they’re settled.

We help individuals stick to special diets so that they can achieve their diet goals.

Recovering patients can rely on us to prepare healthy diets that suit their needs.

We can maintain healthy diets for the elderly to help them fight off illnesses and continue living strong.

Who have we left out? Simply let us know your tastes, preferences and your diet goal, and we’ll come with a custom plan for you.

“We are a family of 4, with two toddlers. Food has become such a chore with these little fussy eaters. Jaime's delicious creations get them excited about dinner time and encourage a more balanced diet. We feel like we are dining out every night, the variety and quality of food is fabulous. How could we ever live without Jaime before?!”
Alex C

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