What's The Difference Between You & Other Food Delivery Companies?

ChefDine is a Personal Chef Service so we only cook for a handful of clients each day. We modify all the dishes to exactly how you want them and there’s no bulk cooking. Everything made from scratch using the very best produce.

Who's Cooking?

Chef Jaime does all the cooks personally. With over 20 years experience in Professional kitchens you’re in good hands.
Jaime has worked with renowned Chefs like Marcus Wareing and Gordon Ramsay as well as working in famous hotels like Claridges and also been the Private Chef for Saudi and Brunei Royals.

How Quanities Do You Cook?

We cook family style so each dish is 4-6 portions.

What Diets Do You Cook For?

When we cook we are cooking for the individual client so we can cook for any diet.

I'm at Work, So How Does It Work?

I can provide you with a Master Lock to put your key in on the day. Once I’m done and your week of food is complete then I drop the key back into the Master Lock for you to retrieve later.

How Do I Order?

You will be provided with a login to your personal account where you can order everything in just a few clicks.

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User: Premium

Password: SaveTimeEatWell


Why Don't You Include Food Cost?

We are as transparent as possible so food cost isn’t included. We want to be able to offer the best meal service available and not focus on profit margins so we have set it up so you pay for your produce directly to the supplier. That way you know exactly what you are paying for.

A $7 pantry fee is charged for the use of staples which makes it cheaper than buying your own regularly. If you would like your own, just let us know and we will order them in for you.

How Much Is Food Cost?

It really depends on the dishes chosen. Some ingredients are more expensive than others but everything is charged at market price as if you were shopping it yourself.

Choosing organic produce can increase the food cost.

Who Do You Cook For?

We mainly cook for busy mums but we also cook for those who need support following a special diet & professional athletes.

What if I Need to Miss A Cook?

We set a day of the week where we cook for you regularly so when you miss a cook we just charge a holding fee of $20 for each cook date missed.

When Can I Cancel?

Anytime, there’s no lock in period.


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