Is ChefDine a Meal Box or Meal Delivery Service?

No, we cook the meals from start to finish so everything is ready and waiting for you. We have an extensive list of dishes which you can choose from and we can modify each dish to your specific needs.

Our portion size is also incredibly generous so you’ll never be hungry.

Benefit Of Being A Regular User?

As a regular, we will lock in a slot for you each week/fortnight. So we are always available to cook your weekly meals.

How Much Do You Cook?

Our smallest amount to cook is 2 mains with 4-6 portions of each & 2 side dishes.(Pick-up/ Delivered)

What Diets Do You Cook For?

We cook for many special diets

  • Paleo
  • AIP
  • Weight-Loss
  • Plant Based
  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy
  • Fitness Training
  • Fail Safe
  • Fodmap
  • Gluten Free

How Often Do You Cook?

Depending on how many family members there are and their age will determine on if you require a weekly or fortnightly service. A weekly cook date is the most common.

I'm at Work, So How Does It Work?

I can provide you with a Master Lock to put your key in on the day. Once I’m done and your week of food is complete then I drop the key back into the Master Lock for you to retrieve later.

How Do I Order?

You will be provided with a login to your personal account where you can order everything in just a few clicks.

Who Shops?

We want to use local traders so we use Your Grocer. Your Grocer will deliver the evening before your cook either to us directly or to your kitchen.

I Don't Want To Use Your Grocer, Can You Shop?

Local supermarkets can be an option otherwise you can supply ingredients.

Is Food Cost Included?

No, food cost is not included. This gives you the freedom to swap out certain ingredients for others or use organic produce. We only charge for the service.


A $7 pantry fee is charged for the use of staples which makes it cheaper than buying your own regularly.

How Much Is Food Cost?

It really depends on the dishes chosen. Some ingredients are more expensive than others.

Choosing organic produce can increase the food cost.

Are the Chefs Professionals?

Chef Jaime has over 20 years cooking experience and also been the private chef to Saudi and Brunei Royals.

Who Do You Cook For?

We mainly cook for busy professionals & mums but we also cook for those who need support following a special diet & sporting professionals.

How Is The Food Portioned?

I place everything into containers for you to divide if needed. I am unable to break dishes down into batches as every family is different. Number of family members and what events you have planned will affect how things are portioned.

What Does Off The Cuff Mean?

Off The Cuff is for members that don’t needs us on a regular cook but love the convenience of having us on hand.

Is It More Expensive As An Off The Cuff User?

Off the Cuff is charged at the fortnightly cook rate with a $30 membership fee per month.

What Is The Benefit Of Being An Off The Cuff User?

You get to use the service when you most need it. So if you have a busy week ahead you can book in a cook just for that week. There is also no notice period needed. You’re free to come and go as you please.

As a Regular User, What if I Need to Miss A Cook Date?

Cancellations within 3 days of the cook date will be charged $105.

$20 per cook date will be charged during the paused period for each cook date missed.

What If I Want To Cancel The Service?

As a user of “off the cuff” you are free to go anytime. As a regular user we just ask for 7 days notice.


100’s of Recipes for just $9