January 4, 2018
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Even if you’re on a very healthy diet it may have to change when you are trying to get pregnant.

If you’re trying then there are some things to avoid when trying to conceive.

Soy Products

For those that like to indulge in soy products (milk, cheese, tofu, tempeh, etc.) it might be time to cut back! Studies have shown links between the soy protein and infertility, due to the phytoestrogens interfering with endocrine function, reproductive issues and absorbing important minerals that the body needs. It also has a higher level of aluminium (due to processing techniques) which can be harmful to your body.


No! Not my wine! Yes- studies have proven that alcohol can have detrimental effects on an unborn child and in the early stages you may not even know that you are pregnant! So abstaining to begin with is the safest option. Plus – there are links between excessive alcohol consumption and the proper function of reproductive organs, which can make it difficult to get pregnant.

Unhealthy Foods and Radical Diets

Did you know that your chances of getting pregnant are significantly decreased if you are overweight? However – do not go to the other extreme! Infertility has also been linked to being underweight – so no radical diets! Sticking to nutritious meals, and maintaining a healthy weight for your height, will help your body to do what it needs to so that you can conceive a baby.

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