November 24, 2017
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What are the benefits of the Paleo diet?

You may have heard of the paleo diet, but maybe you are not entirely sure what it is all about.
A few years back the diet made a huge splash in the media and it became extremely popular. It still remains so today.
To understand what the fuss is about, one has to understand the true benefits and origins of this diet.

Paleo Origins

The idea behind the diet is to promote healthy eating, with a diet guided by what the early humans ate during the stone age.
Dr. Loren Cordain is one of the leading paleo diet experts. He had been interested in nutrition since his childhood, yet it was not until he became a professor at Colorado State University that he became familiar with the paleo diet.
It was then that he started advocating that the food that early cavemen ate is how we are meant to eat to have a healthy lifestyle.
We will look at the Dos and Don’ts list of the paleo diet soon, but first, lets look at the benefits.

Paleo Diet Benefits

The paleo diet has several benefits over other diets.
For one, it does not require you to reduce portions or live off one thing. Yet the real benefits show in the general outlook on your body.
Here is what you’ll gain.

Consistent Weight Loss

The paleo diet is not a crash diet that lets you lose weight in a week. This diet was created to help you lose weight healthily.
Since the paleo diet is more of a lifestyle, keeping up with it ensures that your body remains healthy and devoid of bed fat. The diet does not allow modern trans-fat foods which means your cholesterol level won’t be as high.

Inflammation Reduction

Since the diet promotes high intake of fruits and vegetables, the body is able to absorb more vitamins and fatty acids, especially omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. When the body is operating on level ratios of omega-3, the inflammation levels reduce giving your muscles an easier time.

Glucose Tolerance

For those at risk of diabetes, the paleo diet may be of help. The diet fosters overall balance of body hormones and may help increase glucose tolerance. If glucose is well absorbed and regulated in the body, then diabetes won’t be a life-threatening problem. Your body can produce insulin without getting resistance.

Less Hunger

The bad thing about fast-food is that they cheat the body into thinking it has to consume more food. It’s like taking in empty calories. That is why obesity is becoming a problem in modern society.
If you decide to join the paleo diet, you will experience fewer hunger pangs. Mainly because the food you intake is healthy, and then the body can stock up on all the things that it needs. You have fewer cravings and feel no need to eat every twenty minutes.

Improved Immune System

Bad diet and stress contribute to poor health. If you are not eating well, your immune system lacks the energy and tools it needs to fight off disease.
A good diet, like paleo, should support the intake of fresh food and vegetables. A body that is balanced is able to fight off disease. A compromised system is prone to many diseases.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of the Paleo Diet

Below are the best practices to abide by so as to get the best out of the diet.
• Do eat meals that are high in animal protein such as chicken, fish, and beef. There is no need to count calories.
• Do accompany animal proteins with generous amounts of vegetables.
• Do eat healthy fats found in coconut oil, macadamia oil, avocado and olive oil. These healthy oils help white blood cells identify and fight off invaders. They also raise good cholesterol that is essential for healthy heart and liver.
• Do eat only when you feel hungry rather than pile on food into your body.
• Do take fruits and nuts in moderate measure. Try and eat fruits that are high in antioxidants such as berries so as to deal with radical cells.
• Do consume animals that have been raised in stress-free grass fed environments. The fewer chemicals in your food the better for your digestive system.
• Don’t include cereals and legumes in your diet, the high gluten and carbohydrates support storage of excess fat.
• Don’t use any kind of vegetable hydrogenated oils. Processed oils tend to have dire effects on the general health of a consumer. This is because of the chemicals and metals used during the process.
• Don’t use any products with processed sugar. The world is aware of the pitfalls that come with taking in excess processed sugar.
• Avoid having dairy products in your meals. If you have to, only include raw/ full cream milk from pasture-fed cows.
• Avoid excessively salty foods as they tend to have negative effects on the thyroid system.


The paleo diet may seem strange to some since it gets rid of some of the food groups that we enjoy. The advantage of this diet is that it allows you to eat healthy without including excessive chemicals and preservatives.
Remember, apart from plenty of fruits and veggies it is also important to include exercise and meditation into your routine.
Interested in joining the bandwagon? What are you waiting for! There are thousands of delicious paleo recipes guaranteed to keep you satisfied. Try one today! You won’t regret it.

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