January 1, 2018
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Your childs diet could affect them being the next Einstein, they just need the right fuel

They say the brian is a super computer which is hard to believe since it’s mostly mushy in there. But it’s one complex and mesmerizing organ. It is responsible for controlling our entire bodies and regulating our immune system.

There is one thing for sure, if the brain is not given all the nutrients required, it won’t run at optimal levels. Your children’s well-being is a number one priority for all parents. For the first three years of your child’s life, there is a lot of building taking place in the body. So how do you ensure as a parent you give them the best nutrition for their brains?

The answer is simple, make nutritious meals from all the important food groups. The different types of foods are all specialist in providing different kinds of nutrients.

Complex Carbohydrates

Think about it this way, every engine needs fuel to run. Your child’s brain will undergo years of development before being fully formed and mature. These full fiber carbohydrates provide fuel for the brain to maintain its functions. If one has low levels of carbohydrates, the body starts to feel fatigued and rather slow.

Depending on your child’s feeding habits you can try different recipes to entice their taste buds. Some children prefer pasta, waffles, oats while others like bread. Find clever ways to make their favorite foods with whole meal grains, which are good for the nervous system.

Not only will their tummies be satiated, they will have energy to play along with their friends.


Anti-oxidants basically act as a shield to prevent your cells from degenerating fast. Since the brain is made up of cells, they too can be vulnerable to the damage that is cause by radical oxygen molecules. These free running radical molecules attach themselves to a healthy cell and damage the protein structure. You definitely do not want this.

How do you keep anti-oxidants as a constant in your child’s meal? Since there are many types of antioxidants you will find them spread out into different foods. Green vegetables, nuts, and fruits (especially the berry family), sea food and some spices like oregano/thyme.

You can whip up simple salads or deserts with fresh fruit in them. That way you get the most out of the fresh antioxidants. Spices can be incorporated in the food but the fresher the more nutrients are available.

The Great Omega-3

When it comes to fat, you really don’t want to dismiss the omega-3 fatty acids. These structural fats help regulate blood sugar and good vision. To get a good dose of these nutrients, one has to enter the world of fish and nuts. These two groups have amazing sources of these polyunsaturated fats.

Think of salmon sandwiches, fish salads, nutty snacks, fish cakes, smoothies and other meals that you can create from these food groups. Some children don’t like the fish as a whole, incorporate some spices to make it more delicious and less “fishy”.

Watch your child smile every time you award their good eating behaviors with something delicious like finger licking salmon cakes. You get to see them have happy taste buds and a high functioning brain. If your child is allergic to nuts, you can try eggs or soybean recipes.


Have you ever heard of choline? Sounds like some kind of medicine but it is really a micronutrient that is very important to brain development and liver function. It is used frequently in the body and therefore your child’s stores should be packed. Necessary for DNA creation, detoxification and nerve communication, choline can be found mainly different green vegetables.

The good news is that with the wide range of foods that are able to support this water soluble nutrient, your menu will never be boring.

Eggs are such an excellent source that it has been dubbed as “brain food”. Apart from eggs, there are vegetable sources like cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, Bok choy, and broccoli among others. Grass fed milk, whole wheat germ, nuts and legumes are also lovely sources.

Mix it up for your children. One day they are having baked chicken and broccoli and the next day they could be having cauliflower mash and beef liver.

Watch your child smile every time you award their good eating behaviors with something delicious like finger licking salmon cakes. We have a great salmon and kale burger that the kids love and it is a fantastic dish to improve fertility.

Hydrate all day, every day

Our bodies cannot function without water. It’s like asking me to cook without heat. Your child’s development is very rapid at the start. Very soon they are running around curious about the world.

Dehydration will make your child slow and temperamental. Smoothies, natural juices, milk, homemade flavored water, and fleshy fruits with high water content like water melons are a great way to stay hydrated, especially through the summer months.

Even if they run around and sweat, they will have enough water in their system to keep them cool and functioning at optimum levels. Avoid sugary fizzy drinks, they just draw the water from the body making your child thirsty increasingly thirsty.

Just making these simple changes to your child’s diet can make a huge impact on their development now and habits for future years while improving their chances of becoming the next whiz kid.

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