You’re here because like so many busy professionals you struggle to find the time to consistently eat well. My service is about providing you with a healthy food option and saving time so I’ll get straight to the point.

Right now you probably hit your local eatery a few times a week or at least have a delivery. You pick the healthy option but the problem is restaurant meals are not designed to be healthy or balanced, they are made to taste good. And, in the restaurant world this generally means, fats, sugars, salts and other flavor enhancers are high on the ingredients list. While these dishes sound healthy on the menu the chances are, they aren’t.

This can be affecting your performance at work. As a professional, you need to perform at the best level you can. There aren’t enough hours in the day without being sluggish after an unhealthy meal.

How often do you miss meals because either you don’t have time to feel sluggish and slow down or literally can’t get away from your desk as there are too many things going on that need your attention.

I love to cook, whatever it is, that’s why my goal at Chef Dine is to help people who want to be helped, eat well and lead a healthy life in a practical and affordable way. So much so, I gave up a high 6 figure salary flying the World with Saudi Royals to provide the help and support to people who want exactly that!

I can provide you with high quality meals made from fresh ingredients and as each cook is made specifically for you, there is no other service that can cook to suit your needs like I can.

“I work 55+ hours a week and found it so difficult to eat a healthy meal until I discovered Chef Dine. Now I have healthy meals everyday at for the office and at home. ”
Ron A


All those things we spoke about, more time, better health, more productive, more energy. You can now have these things by having ChefDine prepare and cook your weekly meals.

ChefDine have over 150 different options and our menu is still growing. You can even suggest your own so you’ll never get bored.

All you need to do is come home to a fridge full of healthy, balanced nutritious meals and you’re all set. You can organise a week worth of meals in just a few click without a single store visit or picking up a knife and with the knowledge our meals are cooked with fresh ingredients.

There is one problem, We’re a small team, so as a personalized service, so space is limited. 

Right now I’m guessing your keen to get started but want to know how much it costs, right?!

Cooks start at just $99. We lock in your spot so it’s always available. Or if you don’t require the service all the time then ask about our Off The Cuff cooks.

There’s nothing to loose! Speak to Chef Jaime about your needs and get the helping hand you need.

With absolutely no obligation, find out more and see how the service can work best for you, just fill out the form and Chef Jaime will be in touch within 24 hours.