Balance Is Key

Overall Wellness

The first and most important thing to focus on is that you and your partner are fit and healthy.  Above all else, your wellbeing is not only crucial to the baby-making process but also to your mental health and your ability to be active parents, once the baby does come along.  Being significantly over or under weight is going to have negative impacts on your health as well as fertility, so this issue needs to be addressed.  Regular exercise and eating food that is good for your body is the best thing that you can do to kickstart conception.  You will feel better, your body will be functioning more efficiently and so too will your reproductive organs.  When you eat foods that are good for you, you will find that your body has all of the elements experts say you should have (like folic acid, zinc, vitamins, etc.), and the negative elements (like alcohol, sugar, etc.) are eliminated, simply by choosing healthy foods.

You are the one who knows what your body can tolerate, too.  Having a diet rich in complex carbohydrates is not going to be as important for you if you are gluten-intolerant, or it may be a challenge.  For someone who is lactose intolerant, you are going to need to source calcium in other foods or supplements.  So there is no one size fits all diet to improve fertility chances because everyone is different, and you need to remember that!  Finding your own overall wellness is the first step!

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables are essential for getting vitamins and minerals into our bodies and form a significant part of a healthy diet.  These help us to function properly every day.  Choosing those that are higher in some elements than others can have a beneficial effect on your fertility; like green leafy vegetables for folic acid and zinc, tomatoes and blueberries for antioxidants and citrus fruits for vitamin C.  It is about finding those that you enjoy, too.  There is no point in continually loading up on foods you do not like because this can harm your mental health.  Aim to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables to get a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, and if you happen to like those high in the elements you need, then great!

Proteins and Complex Carbohydrates

Protein is essential for the daily function of our bodies and for keeping us feeling full for longer.  Protein curbs overeating, and being overweight can be detrimental to the fertility process.  Complex carbohydrates can also help to limit overeating and have been identified as an important element for conception.  Getting an adequate daily intake of both protein and complex carbohydrates will help with cell creation and development, as well as maintaining regular menstrual cycles in women – all of which are vital for making a baby.

Reduce Refined and Processed Foods

Besides being full of sugar and additives that harm our bodies, refined and processed foods offer little to no nutritional value and more often than not, contribute only to our waistlines and not our health. Additionally, these foods have been identified as hindrances to fertility because of the fluctuating effect they have on the hormone levels in both men and women, making it hard for reproductive organs to function properly.  Where possible, limit these foods in your diet.  As a general rule anything that comes out of a packet, or has a long list of ingredients, is considered as refined or processed food!